1, 2, 3, 4!

Gestern Nachmittag hat auch meine zweite Nichte sich zum „Ferien-Homeschooling“ angemeldet, und nun sind meine Vormittage vollkommen ausgefüllt mit einem 13jährigen, einem 10jährigen, einer 11jährigen und einer 7jährigen. Und das Tolle dabei: Wir Frauen sind nun in der Mehrheit 🙂 !

Ieri pomeriggio anche l’altra mia nipotina ha voluto ‚iscriversi‘ per il „homschooling-nelle-vacanze“, ed ora le mie mattine sono piene di attivitá per tutti e quattro, dell’etá di 13, 10, 11 e 7 anni. Ma la cosa migliore é che ora noi donne siamo in maggioranza! 🙂


Gegenwärtig arbeite ich an verschiedenen Materialien wie Englisch-Dominos, deren Vorlage man hier findet. Die Kinder lieben sie!

In questo momento sto completando diversi materiali didattici come i giochi per l’inglese che si trovano qui. I bambini li amano!



und John arbeitet an einem Projekt über Freimaurer. Sehr interessant!

e John lavora ad un progetto sulla massoneria. Molto interessante!


Flauschi und Affi üben Englisch-Konversation

Flauschi ed Affi si stanno impegnando con la conversazione inglese


P1080069Yes, we can!

Und nachdem Ju mir gestern gesagt hat, dass sie das mit den Brüchen noch nicht ganz verstanden hat, habe ich rasch ein ad-hoc-Spiel mit Auftragskärtchen und Legematerial gebastalt.

E visto che Ju ieri mi ha confessato di essere un disastro in matematica e soprattutto sul tema delle frazioni, ieri sera ho preparato un gioco ad-hoc, in due minuti, zac-zac! Vedremo se funziona!




4 Responses to 1, 2, 3, 4!

  1. Andrea Hazbun sagt:

    hello again. Browsing through your page, I was wondering what curriculun you use?

    • Sybille sagt:

      Hello…. I’m not sure to understand what you mean with „curriculum“. We have to respect the official program for every age that school autorithy gives to us. We can change it the way we want and the way our children are interesting for (in biology, history, geography ecc.) but especially in maths, german, english and italian the children have to reach to the levels school autorithy says. So every 2 years children have to do exams, this year is the first time for John, in September he has to do it for the „13 age – level“. It’s our first time because we are doing homeschooling only since June ’08. But if he wouldn’t be „good enough“, nothing will happen, he can try again the year after and so on, so we are not really anxious about 🙂

  2. Andrea Hazbun sagt:

    I didn´t know you had homeschooling so regulated in your country. Here in Chile homeschooling doesn´t exist, but it´s not ilegal, but I´m preety sure I won´t be getting a standard curriculum.
    I asked, because since I started when Iñaki was 2 months old, and he doesn´t have to do exams until he is 6 or 7, I have a free curriculum guide. I use a series of educational methods, I started with the Doman method, from whom I took a course in Philadelphia in 2006, and later added some more: Montessori for Mathematics, Waldorf for Eurhythmy, Suzuki for music, Classical for languages, etc. The thing is I came to realize, teaching my son, that not every method works for different subjects, and that´s why I browse different homeschooling sites to read about trial and error that all parents go by. After so many years, I have started a research about brain development, a bakup for my own educational method.
    Well, talk to you soon.

    • Sybille sagt:

      That’s very interesting. I have to say that, even if it’s legal, in Italy there are not many families that do homeschooling, so I frequently look at homescholler’s blogs, too 🙂
      Yes, there isnt‘ any „perfect“ method, it depends on the child, the kind of life he lives every day, the kind of parents we are and a lot of other things. I believe the most important thing is the authenticity, and to love the things that we do, day after day.
      Do you know the Rebeca and Mauricio Wild method, based on Montessori method? I’ve read some books from Rebeca and I must say that there are many things about brain development and psychology that seems precious to me and help me in the daily acitivies.
      I’ll be happy if you find time to tell me more about your experience.

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