„Learning spaces“ inspiration blog

Sucht jemand nach Inspiration für die Gestaltung einer nach Montessori-Methode vorbereiteten Umgebung?

Qualcuno é in cerca di ispirazione per creare dei „learning spaces“ stile Montessori?



3 Responses to „Learning spaces“ inspiration blog

  1. Andrea Hazbun sagt:

    A long time ago I was asked to share my learning spaces too:

    • Sybille sagt:

      Andrea, das ist wunderschön!! It’s beautiful! Compliments!

      We don’t have learning- and no-learning-spaces in our home, our learning moments are everywhere, I’ve seen that for my boys the most important things are tables and chairs in every room. Every day the children go to another room, they go where they want to be just in that moment (I do so, too). I tried once to make a room with a „learning atmosphere“ but they didn’t enjoy, maybe because this place remembered „school“ (that’s not nice, they say). Well, so if they prefer a no-school-atmosphere, they can have it 🙂

      I really love how you made learning spaces for your boy, and I think he likes this kind of education.

  2. Andrea Hazbun sagt:

    We also use the entire house, I don´t like rigid spaces either. Every morning we do desk work for 1 hour, and for that he uses his desk, always, the rest are just opportunities, but I have to say what he likes more is the garden.We do all sorts of activities in the garden. Also, in the winter garden we have a brachiation ladder and a balance beam, we do that every evening, and it´s really nice, specially in winter, because we like to do exercise in cold weather, keeps us healthy. I have a living room, a dining room, a kitchen (obviously) and my room. Our house doesn´t have that many rooms. The only room that I restrict sometimes is my bedroom because I like my privacy. So sometimes if he wants to do an activity there, it´s Ok and sometimes I tell him to choose another room. A place we are also often is the kitchen. He likes to cook very much and I have found out that is a good way of teaching mathematics: weights, percentages, etc.

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