Wir lesen gerade *** Stiamo leggendo



2 Responses to Wir lesen gerade *** Stiamo leggendo

  1. Andrea Hazbun sagt:

    Hallo Sybille,
    I bought Lessen 1. Deutsche from FIT which is supposed to teach to read and write. My son already reads and writes in some languages, in German he is beginning to read and write. Do you know this book? It looks really good and to my surprise my son really liked it. It has one page of reading and one page of exercises. How did your kids learn to read and write? were you in Germany? From what I read in your blog, you didn´t homeschool all the way, right? How do they teach in school in Germany, by phonetics?
    Thanks for the info.

    • Sybille sagt:

      Hello Andrea,
      no I don’t know the book you mentioned. Well, we are living in Italy but South Tyrol once was a piece of Austria and so we are a still speaking German people. We have German teaching schools here, too, and we all have to speak two languages as well: German and Italian. So as we are a German speaking family, my children first learned German as their main language, and then Italian as second language, and since 4th grade (10 years old) they learn English at school, too.

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