Premio Dardos

From Nati Per Delinquere I received this Award, the „Premio Dardos„. Thank you very much! I am honored. And I’m glad to forward the Premio Dardos to other blogs.
This Award is given to bloggers who „have demonstrated commitment to transmit cultural, ethical, literary or personal valors“.
Please accept the award and forward it to other 15 people:

1. Crescere Creativamente
2. En Tribu
3. Harmony Art Mom
4. Bildung in Freiheit
5. Ordine fantasioso
6. Mammafelice
7. Bringing Joy to Learning
8. Die Tauschlade
9. School for us
10. Alston Academy
11. Untrodden Paths
12. The Magnifying Glass
13. La piccola bottega dell’Alchimista
14. Albero Arcobaleno
15. Kosenrufu Mama


16 Responses to Premio Dardos

  1. You absolutely deserve your award and thanks to your blog-advice I had a look at ‚The Magnifying Glass‘. What a lovely blog.
    How would you translate Premio Dardos?

    • Sybille sagt:

      Thank you Paula, you’re so kind!
      Well, as I know „Premio Dardos“ translated from Spanish means Prize Dart.

  2. Mamma C sagt:

    Uhhh, ma che bella lista.. vado subito a sbirciare i blog che non conosco!!! Che bello bello bello! 🙂

  3. Annarita sagt:

    Uhh grazie Sybille! 🙂

  4. Eva sagt:

    Danke, Sybille. Wir haben im Moment Probleme mit dem Internet, da es starke Gewitter gibt. So kann ich nicht so viel machen, d.h. z. B. den Preis weiterleiten.

    Hier ist aber ein Link für Dich, wo Du Deine Kunstpersönlichkeit herausfinden kannst:

    Viel Spaß wünscht Dir
    Deine Eva

    • Sybille sagt:

      Danke Eva, ich habe den Quiz gerade gemacht, Ergebnis:

      „Congratulations! Your personality most closely resembles Minimalism. You lead a calm and sensible life. You enjoy the little pleasures and never see the need to clutter up your life with possessions. You can be shy, but the people who take the time to get to know you can see what a great person you are.
      Some artists you should know are Rothko and Newman.
      This style of art focuses on the simple expression of complex ideas. What can look like a red square at first glance, has many subtle and beautiful details when you stop to look at it.“


  5. Rhonda sagt:

    I am so honored to receive this arward Sybille! Thank you so much.

  6. oh, welch ehre! ich danke herzlich 🙂
    viele grüße in den süden!

  7. latribu09 sagt:

    Wow! thank you very much Sybille for this nice award! I accept it and I will forward it to other 15 blogs!
    I am really happy to see that you like my blog despite the language (or maybe because you don’t understand it?!)

  8. […] kurzem entdeckte ich auf buntglas, dass sybille mir den premio dardos ["This Award is given to bloggers who have demonstrated […]

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