St. Bartholomäus

Anlässlich des heutigen Tages des Heiligen Bartholomäus ist das ganze Dorf in Feststimmung. Wir feiern nämlich Kirchtag.

Oggi il nostro paese é tutto in festa: é il giorno di San Bartolomeo che é il nostro patrono.

Es ist auch ein Anlass, die beiden Kusinen zum Mittagessen einzuladen, was sie sich schon lange gewünscht haben.

È anche una buona occasione per invitare a pranzo le cuginette, cosa che desiderano da tanto.

Und weil sie so super beim Pilzesammeln geholfen haben,

E visto che sono state molto brave a trovare i porcini nel bosco,

gibt es Reis mit Pilzen.

si mangia risotto ai funghi.

Es hat allen geschmeckt!

Il pranzo é piaciuto a tutti…


9 Responses to St. Bartholomäus

  1. I fail to see the relation between Saint Bartholomeus and your good dog, so a bit help there is needed. However, the pictures look very cozy and gave me a big laugh. I think your dog thinks he is human and probably you think the same. That is completely normal…don’t worry. Our two guinea pigs also demand food when we eat or have tea. Normal…really normal 🙂

    • Sybille sagt:

      🙂 Saint B. – it’s only because of the day, August 24th, Bartholomeus is the Patron of our village and so every 24th August there is a big village-party and all who lives here are celebrating the day.
      Well… Indy can sit at the table only one time at year, on Saint-B.-Day, so the children have something to laugh! 😉

  2. Piccolalory sagt:

    Che meraviglia quei porcini!!

  3. Mr K sagt:

    „Wo ist mein Knochen ?“
    Der Indy darf mal wieder nur zusehen und sabbern … der Arme 😉

  4. Chelita sagt:

    Yummy! 🙂 I love rice and mushrooms. 🙂 They found their way into our evening meal tonight. 🙂 Your doggie…is a hoot!

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