One Little Sparkling Blog Award

I received this award from Leptir. If you don’t know this blog, take a look! She is always having lots of ideas in Montessori Style.
Thank you very much!

One Little Sparkling Blog Award:

1. Write what you like the most when writing a blog.
2. What is your favorite on your blog?
3. Give the award to other bloggers.

1. Well, first of all I like writing. And I like to share my thoughts, my doubts, my ideas, pieces of our family and homeschooling life, and to see what other people mean about.
2. I enjoy to take a look at what we’ve done in our homeschooling hours some months ago or a year ago… So many memories!
3. I give the award to Carpe Diem, Il coltello di Banjas, Kosenrufu Mama, More than wordsHomemademamma, Wildflowers and Marbles, Homeschooling in the Rose Garden, Mammagiramondo. Feel free to accept or not.

And have all a nice Sunday.

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